Harnessing Generative AI and Language Models for Health Innovation

September 21, 2023


As the healthcare industry rapidly digitizes, transformative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) play a critical role in shaping the future. In this informative webinar, we explore the fascinating world of Generative AI, with a specific focus on large language models (LLMs) and their potential applications in healthcare.
The first part of the webinar will demystify generative AI, diving into its core concepts, mechanisms, and significance. We'll cover how generative AI models work, with a special focus on LLMs, like GPT-4 and its predecessors. This section is designed to equip HIT leaders with a foundational understanding of generative AI and its role in data analysis, prediction, and innovation.
We then delve into how generative AI is revolutionizing healthcare. Exploring the spectrum of potential applications, from enhancing clinical decision support systems to personalizing patient experiences, we'll explain how these technologies can streamline operations, improve outcomes, and optimize the healthcare continuum.
Key takeaways from this section will include understanding the power of AI in predictive analytics, automating routine tasks, and leveraging AI for personalized medicine. We will discuss how generative AI can help in early detection of diseases, patient risk stratification, and assist in designing treatment plans tailored to individual patients' needs.
Next, we'll discuss several exciting use cases for generative AI in healthcare. These will encompass examples from pioneering organizations who are successfully deploying these technologies. These cases will demonstrate the transformative potential of generative AI in different areas of healthcare, including:
1.    Natural Language Processing (NLP) in electronic health record systems.
2.    Automating and enhancing telemedicine and virtual care.
3.    AI-driven health research and drug discovery.
Our final segment will revolve around the impacts of generative AI on consumer experiences. We'll explore how these technologies can foster patient-centric care by personalizing health recommendations, enhancing patient-provider communication, and empowering patients with access to high-quality health information.
The webinar will close with a discussion on best practices for adopting generative AI, addressing potential challenges and strategies for integration. Attendees will be equipped with practical knowledge on how to explore, adopt, and navigate generative AI within their organizations.


Objective for CE:

This webinar aims to empower informatics and Health Information Technology (HIT) leaders to understand, adopt, and leverage generative AI in healthcare. Attendees will gain insights into the potential of generative AI and its capacity to optimize the healthcare continuum and improve consumer experiences. Join us as we explore the future of healthcare, powered by generative AI.


Presented By:

Brian Norris MBA, RN, FHIMSS

Brian Norris is an exceptional leader within the healthcare arena, distinguished by his unique amalgamation of clinical prowess and technological savvy. Holding a master’s degree in business administration, along with being a Registered Nurse, Brian boasts an illustrious career trajectory that covers a diverse spectrum of expertise - from software and product development to strategy, operations, and analytics. Brian currently serves as the Founder of Bent Creek Advisors. 
Brian's experience has been garnered through working with respected establishments such as Indiana University Health, OurHealth, Marathon Health, Aledade, Social Health Insights, Catholic Health Initiatives, Deloitte Consulting, Triad Hospitals, Inc, and Lutheran Hospital / Lutheran Health Network. His background in AI infrastructure and its application within healthcare is second to none. Notably, 
Brian was at the helm during the pioneering launch of the first health system to leverage the Google Healthcare Data Engine, marking a significant milestone in healthcare technology.
Renowned for his inclusive leadership and customer-centric ethos, Brian tirelessly champions the customer's perspective, ensuring their voice is incorporated into every product he oversees. His entrepreneurial spirit coupled with an unwavering dedication to patient care has consistently distinguished him as an influential thought leader in the healthcare sector. Brian's unique leadership style has served to cultivate an environment of innovation, experimentation, and learning, empowering his teams to embrace change and foster a progressive culture across various organizations.
Beyond his organizational roles, Brian extends his expertise as a mentor and strategic partner to burgeoning healthcare enterprises. His passion and profound knowledge make him an invaluable resource to any entity intent on revolutionizing the healthcare landscape. With a proven track record of success and a treasure trove of experience derived from various healthcare environments, Brian stands ready to drive transformative change and groundbreaking innovation in the industry.